2020 Website Maintenance Pricing How Much Should You Pay?

Today Around 80 percent of consumers start their research for a product or service online, making your website a critical step in their buying journey. That’s why routine site maintenance, as well as an understanding of website maintenance pricing, is essential. Today, businesses invest $35 to $5000 per month, or $400 to $60,000 per year, on website maintenance.

Marketing to your Hispanic Market!!!!!

Spanish –  Cómo afecta el país de origen y la generación a la estrategia de publicidad latina Por Sirius Black  Marketing El mercado latino ofrece una gran oportunidad para las marcas en los Estados Unidos. Según la Oficina del Censo, la población latina o hispana en los EE. UU. Tiene 53 millones de personas. DeContinue reading “Marketing to your Hispanic Market!!!!!”

5 Chiropractic Advertising Ideas That Work for Chiropractors

Facebook Ads Facebook ads are the number one strategy that Sirius Black Marketing are recommending today. I have recently written an entire article about doing Facebook ads right today so I’m not can it get too deep into it here. Feel free to go check out that article by clicking the link above to get a moreContinue reading “5 Chiropractic Advertising Ideas That Work for Chiropractors”

How Facebook advertising can help dental practices to look to the future by targeting older patients.

Dental practices seeking to establish a strong digital presence might not immediately think of Facebook. However, the popular social media site, which boasts a huge number of users, employs cutting-edge advertising-targeting technology that can help dentists to generate more patients. Facebook adverts are displayed across an extensive range of online platforms, including smartphones, laptops andContinue reading “How Facebook advertising can help dental practices to look to the future by targeting older patients.”


1. NOT USING THE FACEBOOK PIXEL TO TRACK CONVERSIONS The Facebook pixel tracks conversion events on your website (add to cart, initiate checkout, purchase, etc.) so you see what ads resulted in sales. Without the pixel, you’re paying for traffic to your website with no idea what that traffic is doing once they get there. You’reContinue reading “6 COMMON FACEBOOK AD MISTAKES E-COMMERCE BUSINESSES MAKE!!!”